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In India, maize is mainly consumed as feed (61%) and food (25%) and hence, QPM being superior in quality has better options in these sectors. JNAU provides breeder seed of High Quality Protein Maize (HQPM) varieties to the seed industry which are having good quality protein.

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Besides Hybrids, JNAU provides high quality Breeder Seed of improved varieties of Rice to Seed Industry

Variety Year of release Duration (days) Yield (q/ha) Important features
HQPM 2006 115 62.85 Identified for cultivation across the country. Resistant to major diseases like Maydis leaf blight (MLB) and Turcicum leaf blight (TLB).
HQPM 5 2007 115 >58 Late maturity, orange, flint, responsive to higher doses of fertilizers, resistance to MLB and chilo partellus.
Jawahar Pop Corn 11 2006 85-95 24-28 root lodging, drought and water logging.
JVM 421 2006 98-100 38-40 Fairly tolerant to adverse condition. Good cooking quality, flour and excellent, protein content 20%. Fairly tolerant to leaf diseases. Moderately tolerant to stem borer resistant to stored grain pest
JM 8 83-87 4-45 Composite, resistant to insect pest, drought tolerant protein 10.4%
JM 12 83-87 47-53 Recommended for low rainfall areas with light to medium soil; suitable for inter cropping. White flint
JM 13 92-98 K
135-150 R
53-57 K
61-65 R
Suitable for Kharif and Rabi for whole M.P. Grain yellow to orange bold


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