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Jawahar Guggul Blazer

A new tapping device for sustainable harvesting of Guggul has been developed and filed provisional application for patent of the device.

A new device - Jawahar Guggul Blazer for sustainable tapping of Guggul Jawahar Guggul Blazer - a new tapping device has been designed for sustainable harvesting of Guggul. Guggul gum is collected after making a sharp incision on the bark of Commiphora wightii plant. In the absence of a specialised tapping device and deep tapping the plant is being pushed to RET category in India. Jawahar Guggul Blazer has a high carbon steel roller blade (5mm wide and 3.5 cm diameter) fitted to a steel shaft (145 mm long and 10 mm diameter) with its distal holder 35 mm long and 20 mm wide. The roller blade moves freely on its axle, is fitted in the 28 mm grove on the distal end of the shaft. The sharp blade is 2.0 mm long and 0.5 mm wide with 1.5 mm flat rim on its either side of the blade. The rim on the either side of the blade acts as a stopper preventing the sharp blade from traveling beyond 2.0 mm depth in the bark, even on application of pressure during tapping. Dr. Moni Thomas, the inventor of Jawahar Guggul Blazer has filed provisional application for patent of the device.
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Seed Drill Choke Indicator

Patent has been granted for the developed invention entitled A sensing device for use with a tractorin accordance with the provision of the patent Act 1970. Application No. 746/DEL/1977. Patent filed through the funding agency i.e. Secretary, Department of Electronics, Government of India, New Delhi. Inventors are A. K. Rai, K. Shivdasan, and S. N. Murty. Patent No. 232368.
Seed Drill Choke Indicator


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