Digital India
Consultancy Processing Cell
  1. Services For Human Resource Development
    • Training Programmes at University level
    • Sponsored Training Programmes
    • Participation in Training Programmes of other Organisations
  2. Consultancy Services
    • On Station
    • General
      1. On-Farm guidance for implementation of project
      2. Evaluation and monitoring of on-going projects
    • Supply of Data/ Technical Information
    • Preparation of Technical Books
    • Technology Dissemination through Cassettes, CDs and Internet Website
  3. Contractual Research Services (ad hoc research projects)
    • Sponsored Projects
      1. Evaluation of new products from public and private sector
        • Evaluation of Products
        • Evaluation of Products in the Agricultural Engineering
      2. Development of Technology
  4. Laboratory Services
    • Soil Science Laboratory Services
    • Entomological Laboratory Services
    • Seed Quality, Purity and Disease Testing Services
    • Department of Plant Physiology Laboratory Services
    • Department of Food Science & Technology Laboratory Services
    • Department of Plant Pathological Laboratory Services
    • Biotechnology Centre Laboratory services
    • Agricultural Engineering Workshop Services
    • Instrumentation Services


Krishinagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur
482004 (M.P.) INDIA
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