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Directorate of Research Services
Directorate of Research Services

Dr. P.K. Mishra

Director Research Services
Ph.: 0761-2681074 (O)
Exch: 0761-2680771, 2681773
Extn.: 326
Fax: 0761-2681074
S.No. Name Designation Specialization Academic/ Res. Interest Mailing address/ Phone No. e-mail address
1. Dr. S.B. Nahatkar Associate Director Research (H.Q) Production Economics Agri Business Management & Project Planning Monitoring & Evaluation 0761-2681074 (O), 0761-2680700 (R) 09424676740
2. Dr. Rajmohan Sharma Scientist-1 Production Economics Agri Business Management & Project Planning Monitoring & Evaluation Mob. 9425384561,
3. Er. Mohan Singh Associate Professor M. Tech (I.I.T.) Kharagpur Post Harvest Technology of Extrusion Cooking F- 57, Krishi nagar, Adhartal JBP Ph:0761- 4030387® 4032300(O), Mob- 9424308322
4. G.K. Tiwari Agril. Extension Officer Extension Education 09993216003 (M), 0761-2681074 (O)

Supporting Staff

S.No. Name Designation Work assigned Mailing address, Phone/ Mobile nos., e-mail address
1. Shri SHA Naqvi Sr. Steno PS to DRS/ Office management 09993358563(M) 0761-2681074 (O)
2. Shri R. S. Chouksey Tech. Assistant (Statistical) Section Officer (Statistical analysis) F/12, Krishi Nagar Adhartal Jabalpur 08959417775
3. Shri Md. Ahsan Steno PS to DRS 09907267871 (M) 0761-2681074 (O)
4. Smt. Vimla Shrivas Steno Attached to Director Farms (Computer operation) 0761 4030178 (R) 0761 2681021 (0)
5. Shri M. L. Giriya Steno Attached to Director Farms (Accounts work) 09981999301 0761 2681021 (0)
6. Ku. R. Thakur Office Asstt. Grade II Accounts 09752862700
7. Smt. Tara Ennerjeet Office Asstt. Grade II Establishment section 09300113604
8. Shri N. P. Patel Office Asstt. Grade II PA to DRS 09300115387
9. Shri H. S. Yadav Assistant grade III To assist ADR in file maintenance, & dealing, office work G/19, Krishi Nagar 09301212501 (M) 0761-2681074 (O)
10. Shri C. L. Kachhi Driver Driver H/61, Krishi Nagar 09893386571
11. Shri D. C. Raikwar Peon Office work 09302247913
12.  Shri Lalla Prasad Rajak Peon Dak Distribution & all other work assigned by office 09575843136 0761 2681021 (0)
13. Shri Shiv Das Borkar Peon Dak Distribution & all other work assigned by office 09755669036 0761 2681021 (0)
14. Shri Santosh Yadav Peon Accounts section 09770999746
15. Shri Amresh Patel Time Scale Office work 09200922607
16. Shri Shankar Puri Goswami  Time Scale Office work, mail distribution 0761-2681074 (O)
17. Shri Narayan Gongia Time Scale R/D section 09993359770
18. Shiv Charan Time Scale Tech. Officers 09300061976

Role of Directorate:-

  • To exercise overall control of the planning and prosecution of research conducted by the Vishwa Vidyalaya, excepting research done by students to meet degree requirement and by teachers of the to improve teaching ability.
  • To prepare Research Service Programmes and annual budget estimates as may be required by the Vishwa Vidyalaya;
  • To assist the Dean of Faculty concerned in the supervision over the Members of the College of staff engaged on approved research Programmes under the general purview of the research service;
  • To require and supervise the compilation of research result, and the proper Publication of the research findings;
  • To approve for publication, in consultation with Deans of Faculties concerned, research manuscripts in such general form and such number as may be determined;
  • To assign numbers to all publications and to maintain official record of All publications;
  • To be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor in exercise of the powers and Discharge of the duties under the Act;
  • To undertake teaching work;
  • To perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on him by Statutes, Regulations or by the Vice-Chancellor with the prior approval of the Board.


Krishinagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur
482004 (M.P.) INDIA
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