Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya

SWE Technology Generated

  • Ground water recharge potential of Haveli system
  • Evaluation and improvement of land management practices for rainfed technology
  • Introduction of fisheries in paddy fields using earthen dykes
  • Evaluated and improved ITK on moisture conservation in Jabalpur district
  • Hand tools & fittings for wells & pumps
  • Chain pump
  • Soil aquifer treatments for waste water
  • Standardization of installations in tube wells & pumps
  • Optimizing conjunctive use of water resources in Canal Command
  • RS and GIS application for water resources management

Research Projects

1. AICRP on Ground Water Utilization

2. Madhya Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project

AICRP on Ground Water Utilization


  • Ground water assessment in alluvial areas of the Narmada River Basin
  • Management of Canal Command – a Conjunctive use approach.
  • Enrichment of Ground Water Bank through Haveli recharge
  • Studies on Ground water pollution

Research Programs

  • Augmentation of Ground water recharge through water harvesting measures.
  • Conjunctive use of surface and ground water in Bargi LBC Command.
  • Field evaluation of Irrigation pumping Units.
  • Soil Aquifer Treatment of Sewage water from different sources
  • Watershed management
  • On farm water management
  • Improving water productivity in river basins
  • Drainage Investigations in RBC command

Madhya Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project


To improve productivity of water for the enhancement of socially and environmentally sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

Maps supplied to MP Government

  • Soil maps
  • Agricultural Attribute maps
  • Land use and land cover maps
  • Crop maps
  • Water bodies maps

Agricultural Thematic Mapping Using Remote Sensing and GIS

The agricultural attribute maps, soil maps, land use/land cover maps, water body maps, crop maps( Kharif and Rabi season) and Geomorphic attribute maps of Tons and Sindh Basin are prepared using satellite imageries and several ground observation throughout the basin during the year 2008-09, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011.

Digital Crop Classification map of Tons Basin

  • Area covered 1.25 M ha.
  • Five districts
  • 35 PAN imageries and 6 LISS III images

Digital Crop Classification map of Sindh Basin

  • Area covered 2.75 M ha.
  • 5 LISS III images
  • Nine district
  • Used for Decision support system.

Geomorphic attribute maps of Tons and Sindh Basin

Ground Water Recharge through Haveli Fields – Water quality deterioration

  • Water quality deterioration in Narsinghpur and Jabalpur district in last 40 years.
  • Na, cu, Cr. So4, Fe, Ho3, Cl, Tn are some of dominant pollutant.
  • Domestic waste Nala is the poorest water quality.