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On going ICAR Ad-hoc Research Project

Network Project on Market Intelligence - Report
Annual Report - 2015-16
Ailing Agricultural productivity in economically Fragile Region of India: An analysis of synergy between public Investment and Farmers capacity.

  • Co-PI : Dr. P. K. Awasthi

  • Date of start : 01-01-2008 to 30-6-2010


  • To examine the trend of public investment in agriculture and agricultural productivity in selected states.
  • To study the intensity of rural infrastructure and its interaction / impact on use of critical inputs (quantity and quality of seeds, fertilizers, irrigation) in crops production in the region.
  • To assess the farmers’ economic capacity and willingness to use the critical inputs optimally.
  • To estimate future projection of production and productivity of major crops in the selected status.
  • To identify and prioritize the constraints in and suggest suitable policy options for increasing the agricultural productivity in the region.

Government of India Long term Project.

On going ICAR Ad-hoc Research Project

Comprehensive scheme for studying the cost of cultivation of principal crops in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh.

  • Field Officer : Dr. R.M. Sahu

  • Budget : Rs.100.30 lakh

  • Staff strength : 80


  • The scheme envisaged collection of representative data on inputs and outputs both in physical and monetary terms and estimate the cost of cultivation per hectare and cost of production per quintal of principal crops on continuing basis.

Agro-Economics Research Centre.

Research Project Completed

  • Budget : Rs.60.00 lakh
  • Staff strength : 26

ICAR Adhoc Research Project

S.No. Project Title Principal Investigator
1. A study on consumption pattern, constraints, growth and potentials of chemical fertilizer use in Madhya Pradesh Dr. P.K. Awasthi
2. Economics of production and marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants and identifidaiton of constraints to its adoption in Madhya Pradesh Dr. A.K. Sarawgi
Dr. G.P. Agrawal
3. Marketing of Minor Forest Products in Tribal District of Madhya Pradesh Dr. B.B. Beohar
Dr. R.K. Khare
4. Analysis of production systems, constraints and option for Kymore plateau and Satpura Hill Region of Madhya Pradesh Dr. K.S. Kumar
Dr. R.M. Sahu

Economic Viability of  Sericulture for alleviating Poverty of tribals in South East Madhya Pradesh 

Dr. P.K. Bisen

National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP)

S.No. Project Title Principal Investigator
1. Resource characterization and Socio-economic constraints Analysis of productivity in the maize based crop production system Dr. P.K. Awasthi
2. Technological change and production performance n irrigated maize based agro-ecosystem. The Interplay of economic, Technological and Institutional Factors. Dr. P.K. Awasthi
3. Livestock –crop production system for sustainable development. Dr. P.K. Mishra
Dr. P.K. Awasthi