Network Project
Name of Project Centre
 1 AINP on Soil Biodiversity-Biofertilizer (BNF) Jabalpur
 2 NWP on Organic Farming Jabalpur
 3 AINP on Betelvine Jabalpur
 4 AINP on Onion & Garlic Jabalpur
 5 Network project on harvest, processing and value addition of Natural resin and gums Jabalpur
 6 Network centre on National initiative on climate change resilient agriculture
 7 Weather based agro advisories and assessment of vulnerable areas of major food crops production zone. AICRPAM-NICRA (ICAR) Jabalpur
 8 “National Initiatives on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA)
Real time pest surveillance in Pigeon pea
 9 NICRA  - Phenotyping and genetics enhancement for tolerance to prioritized abiotic and biotic stress in wheat IIWBR (ICAR) Karnal Powarkheda
 10 Network project on Technology advancement and assessment for rapeseed and mustard production in rice fallow areas of Eastern India Tikamgarh

Title of the Project: Network Research Project on Organic Farming

Location: College of Agriculture, Jabalpur

Year of Start: 2004


  • To review current knowledge and assess the availability of inputs for organic farming in Indian perspective

  • To study the productivity, profitability, sustainability, quality and input use efficiency of different crops and cropping systems under organic farming in different agro-ecological regions.

  • To develop efficient crop and soil management options for organic farming

  • To develop need based and cost effective new techniques for farm waste recycling

Title of the Project: All India Network Project on Medicinal Aromatic Plants & Betelvine

Location: College of Agriculture, Jabalpr

Year of Start - 1981


  • Development of appropriate production, protection and processing technologies for important MAP through basic strategic and applied research

  • Germplasm enhancement of various MAP

  • To act as national repository of the genetic resources of selected important MAP

  • Transfer of the technologies developed by ICAR –DMAPR for the farmers through co-operation with the development agencies

Project Title : All India Network research Project on Onion & Garlic Imprvement

Location: College of Agriculture, Jabalpur

Year of Start: 2009


  • To collect, evaluate and conserve the Allium biodiversity existing in different agro-climatic zones.

  • To develop improved varieties and hybrids resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses through multi-location testing of mandate crops.

  • To develop and validate technologies suitable for the region for bulb production, seed production, plant protection and post harvest handling and storage.

  • To provide scientific leadership in network research for solving location specific problems of production and to monitor breeder seed production of released and notified varieties.

  • To provide training support to the onion and garlic farmers in respective zones.

Title of the Project: All India Coordinated Research Project on Soil Biodiversity & Bio- fertilizers

Location: College of Agriculture, Jabalpur

Year of Start : 1980


  • To exploit the soil biodiversity in various agro-ecologies for biofertilizer application in diverse cropping systems.

  • To study the soil management practices on functional diversity of microorganism involved in key microbial functions and soil health using genomic tools.

  • Formulation and testing of mixed biofertilizers in cropping systems.

  • To improve biofertilizer technology with particular reference to quality, carriers, consortia and diversity systems.

  • To diversify biofertilizer research and application (IISS Bhopal & JNKVV, Jabalpur)

  • Research Adoption impact continuum analysis of biofertilizer usage (IISS Bhopal & JNKVV, Jabalpur)