DR. S.K.Rao 

Director Research Services
Ph.:0761-2681074 (O)
Mobile: 9425384072

Role of Directorate

  • To exercise overall control of the planning and prosecution of research conducted by the Vishwa Vidyalaya, excepting research done by students to meet degree requirement and by teachers of the to improve teaching ability.
  • To prepare Research Service Programmes and annual budget estimates as may be required by the Vishwa Vidyalaya;
  • To assist the Dean of Faculty concerned in the supervision over the Members of the College of staff engaged on approved research Programmes under the general purview of the research service;
  • To require and supervise the compilation of research result, and the proper Publication of the research findings;
  • To approve for publication, in consultation with Deans of Faculties concerned, research manuscripts in such general form and such number as may be determined;
  • To assign numbers to all publications and to maintain official record of All publications;
  • To be responsible to the Vice-Chancellor in exercise of the powers and Discharge of the duties under the Act;
  • To undertake teaching work;
  • To perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on him by Statutes, Regulations or by the Vice-Chancellor with the prior approval of the Board.