Scientific/Technical Staff

Sr No Photo Name of faculty Designation Specialization
Academic/ Res. Interest
Mailing address
Phone No. and e-mail address
1 Dr. D. K. Pahalwan Dr. D. K. Pahalwan Associate Director Research (HQ) Research project management, monitoring & evaluation of ongoing research projects 9713884438
2 Dr. S. N. Singh Dr. S. N. Singh Principal Scientist Management of soil & foliar diseases of crops 8871051073 dr.surendrasingh91255@gmail.com
3 Dr. Ravi Agrawal Dr. Ravi Agrawal Principal Scientist Post Harvest Process and Food Engineering 0761-2681074 (O)
9425861482 (M)
Dr. Moni Thomas Dr. Moni Thomas Principal Scientist Participatory research on rural livelihoods, natural resins and gums, Lac production, phloem feeders 9425184255 moni_thomas@rediffmail.com
5 Dr. J. P. Lakhani Dr. J. P. Lakhani Associate Professor Senior Scientist Plant Breeding & Genetics 0761-2681074 (O)
 (M) 9981635236
6 Dr. C. S. Pandey Dr. C. S. Pandey Scientist Horticulture F/51, Krishi Nagar Colony
0761-2681074 (O)
+91- 9479845600 (M)

Supporting staff of DRS Office

Sr No Photo Name of faculty Designation Work assigned Phone No.   
 e-mail address
1 Shri S.H.A. Naqvi Shri S.H.A. Naqvi P.S. to DRS (Steno Grade I) - 9993358563
2 Shri G. K. Tiwari Shri G. K. Tiwari Agril. Extension Officer Technical & Office Management 09993216003 (M)
0761-2681074 (O)
 3 Smt. Vimla Shrivas Smt. Vimla Shrivas Jr. Steno Attached to Director Farms 0761 4030178 (R)
0761 2681021 (0)
 4 Sh. N. K. Waghmare Sh. N. K. Waghmare Office Assistant Grade I Accounts Section 9806002792 (M)
0761 2681021 (0)
 5 Shri H. S. Yadav Shri H. S. Yadav Office Assistant
grade II
To assist ADR in file maintenance,  & dealing  files 09301212501  (M)
0761-2681074 (O)
 6 Shri Biju Mathew Shri Biju Mathew Office Assistant grade II Establishment 9479644849 (M)
0761-2681074 (O)
 7 Ku. Shalini Singh Ku. Shalini Singh  Office Assistant grade III Receipt and Dispatch 9644498375
0761-2681074 (O)
 8 Shri C. L. Kachhi Shri C. L. Kachhi Driver Driver 09893386571
 9 Shri D. C. Raikwar Shri D. C. Raikwar Peon Office work 09302741510
 10 Shri Shiv Das Borkar Shri Shiv Das Borkar Peon Dak Distribution & all other work 09755669036
0761 2681021 (0)
 11 Shri Santosh Yadav Shri Santosh Yadav Peon Accounts section 09770999746
 12 Shri Amresh Patel Shri Amresh Patel Time Scale Office work 09200922607
 13 Shri Shankar Puri Goswami Shri Shankar Puri Goswami Time Scale Office work, mail distribution 0761-2681074 (O)
 14 Shri Narayan Gontia Shri Narayan Gontia Time Scale Office work 09993359770