To contribute towards betterment of agriculture in the state in respect of soil conservation, water resource management, post harvest and process equipment, farm machinery and power, agro meteorology, optimization of energy use and agriculture structures through various research programs.

ICAR coordinated research project on

  • Post Harvest Technology
  • Ground Water Utilization
  • Farm Implements and Machinery
  • Agro-Meteorology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Rashtriya Krishi Vikash Yojana (RKVY) Scheme was started in the month of June 2014 with the objective of development of farm equipments and machinery testing, training and demonstration.
  • Agricultural Coordinated Research Project on Agro meteorology - National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA).

Other Plan and Non Plan Projects

  • Intensive Extension Research Project (IERP)
  • National Agricultural Research Project (NARP)
  • Seed Processing Plant (SPP)
  • Madhya Pradesh Agricultural Research Institute (MPARI)
  • Rice Milling Technology Extension Programme
  • Agro-advisory Project

Government of India (GOI) Sponsored Projects

  • GKMS - Gramin Krishi Mousam Sewa
  • FASAL – Forecasting Agricultural output using space agro metrology and land based observation.

World Bank – WRD Sponsored

Madhya Pradesh Water Sector Restructuring Project (MPWSRP) on Improving water Productivity

  • Agricultural Thematic Mapping.
  • Field demonstration units on modern efficient methods.
  • Adaptive trials for improving water productivity.
  • Training to members of water User Association.
  • Training to officers and field workers of Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Water Resource Development.

At present the following research projects are operative in the college.


All India Coordinated Research Projects

Post Harvest Process and Food Engineering


Soil and Water Engineering


Farm Machinery and Power


Agriculture Structures and Environmental Engineering


Physics and Agro metrology

(1 AICRP and 3 Adhoc)



Beside these projects Madhya Pradesh Water Sector Re structuring Project (MPWSRP), a World Bank aided project, in the Department of Soil and Water Engineering was operative up to the year June 2015 in the college. The other project entitled “Experiential Learning-Setting up of Facility for Hands on Training on Fruits and vegetables” has been established with support from Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi. A RKVV project on Testing of Farm Machineries is also operative in the Department of Farm Machinery & Power.
Research of applied nature is conducted in the field of the soil and water conservation engineering, farm machinery and power, post harvest processing, food engineering agricultural structures and environmental engineering applied physics and agricultural meteorology in a multidisciplinary manner. The college has well equipped laboratory for research work while pursuing the mandate given in the research scheme following salient outcomes have been extracted:

  • Disseminated the developed technology to the farmers for water management (watershed) for rainfed crops and dry land farming.
  • Disseminated sprinkler, drip and fertigation technologies in different parts.
  • Development of a model for conjunctive uses of Surface and Ground Water in Canal Command Area (Bargi).
  • Developed low cost machinery viz. raised bad planter for Soybean, thresher for Sunflower, Safflower handling device, Water Chestnut decorticator, Pea peeling machine, Chickpea stripping cum shelling machine, pyrolytic coal pelleting machines and Potato Chipper.
  • Developed bullock drawn steel wedge plough, inter row rotary tiller weeder, power paddy weeder, bullock drawn cultivator, bullock drawn semi automatic ridge planter
  • Developed seed cum fertilizer attachment to country plough, multicrop thresher, stump puller, low head high discharge propeller pump
  • Developed trailor solar batch dryers, solar air blower, solar batch drier, solar distiller, Solar cooker
  • Developed extruded food products using small millets, soybean, pulses etc.
  • Transferred production technology of soy milk and other soy products to entrepreneurs.