Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya


Academic Programme
Seats for Post Graduate Degree Programme & Ph.D. Programme

Programme Free Payment Total
M.Sc.(Ag) 10 10 20
Ph.D.(Agricultural Extension Education) 02 02 04

Academic Programme:Graduate/Postgraduate/ Doctorate programme

S.N. College campii Undergraduate Master Programme(M.Sc.) Doctorate(Ph.D.)
1. College of Agriculture, Jabalpur Yes Yes Yes
2. College of Agriculture, Rewa Yes No No
3. College of Agriculture, Tikamgarh Yes No No
4. College of Agriculture, Ganjbasoda Yes No No
5. College of Agriculture, Waraseoni, Balaghat Yes No No
6. College of Agriculture, Powarkheda, Hoshangabad Yes No No
7. College of Agriculture, Khurai Yes No No
8. College of Horticulture, Rehli Yes No No

Undergraduate Program - B.Sc (Hons) Agriculture

I Semester

I Year Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education 3 (2+1)
III Year Entrepreneurship Development & Business Communication 2 (1+1)
IV Year Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) 20 (0+20)
Survey of Village 0+1
Agronomical Interventions 0+3
Plant protection Interventions 0+2
Soil Improvement Interventions (Soil Sampling and Testing) 0+2
Fruit and Vegetables Productions Intervention 0+3
Food Processing and storage Interventions 0+1
Animal production Interventions 0+1
Extension and Transfer of Technology Activities 0+3
Agro-Industrial Attachment 0+4

II Semester

I Year Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology 2(2+0)

Under Graduate Programme B.Sc (Hons) Forestry

I Semester

III Year Forest Extension & Community Forest 3(2+1)

II Semester

II Year Forest Tribology & Anthropology 2(2+0)

Post Graduate Programme M.Sc. (Ag.) (Agricultural Extension & Communication)

Major courses

EXT-501 Extension Landscape 2(2+0)
EXT-502 Applied Behaviour Change 3(2+1)
EXT-503 Organisational Behaviour and Development 3(2+1)
EXT-504 Research Methodology in Extension 3(2+1)
EXT-505 Capacity Development 3(2+1)
EXT-506 ICTs for Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services 3(2+1)
EXT-507 Evaluation and Impact Assessment 3(2+1)
EXT 591 Master Seminar 1(1+0)

Minor courses

EXT-508 Managing Extension Organisations 3(2+1)
EXT-510 Gender Mainstreaming 3(2+1)
AEC-513 Natural Resource & Environment Economics 2(1+1)

Supporting Courses

STAT-502 Statistical Methods for Applied Sciences 4(3+1)
STAT-512 Basic Sampling Techniques 3(2+1)

Compulsory Non-Credit courses

PGS-501 Library and information services 1(1+0)
PGS-502 Technical Writing and Communications Skills 1(1+0)
PGS-503 Intellectual Property and its management in Agriculture 1(1+0)
PGS-504 Technical Writing and Communications Skills 1(1+0)
PGS-501 Basic Laboratory Techniques 1(0+1)
PGS-505 Agricultural Research, Research Ethics and Rural Development Programmes 1(1+0)
HVE Human Value and Professional Ethics 2(1+1)

Doctorate Programme Ph.D (Agricultural Extension & Communication)

Major Courses

EXT-601 Policy Engagement and Extension 3(2+1)
EXT-602 Methodologies for Social and Behavioural Sciences 3(2+1)
EXT-603 Technology Commercialization and Incubation 3(2+1)
EXT-604 Educational Technology and Instructional Design 3(2+1)
EXT-691 Doctoral Seminar-I 1(1+0)
EXT-692 Doctoral Seminar-II 1(1+0)

Minor Courses

EXT-607 Facilitation for People Centric Development 3(2+1)
AEC-606 Advanced Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis 3(2+1)

Supporting Courses

STAT521 Applied Regression Analysis 3(2+1)
STAT522 Data Analysis using Statistical Packages 3(2+1)